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Monkey Knife Fight offers legal player prop contests on NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, soccer, golf and eSports! Make a deposit and get a 100% deposit bonus up to $50. Use promo code FANTASYBALL.

*Eligibility restrictions apply. See Monkey Knife Fight for details.

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Risk and Win Real Money with Monkey Knife Fight Player Props!

Monkey Knife Fight hosts 3 types of NFL player prop games: Over/Under, Rapid Fire and Stat Shootout. Setting your team can be as quick as picking two players.

Monkey Knife Fight Promo Codes

Monkey Knife Fight Welcome Promo Code

To get started at Monkey Knife Fight, we’re recommending the FANTASYBALL promo code. This Monkey Knife Fight Welcome Bonus gives new users a 100% deposit bonus, which can be redeemed up to $50.

To claim this Welcome Bonus, create a Monkey Knife Fight account. After your account is created, make a deposit of at least $10. While making your deposit, use the promo code FANTASYBALL. After you finish your deposit is verified, your bonus should be credited to your account.

You are now ready to begin playing your DFS game.

To learn more about how to create an account and make deposit, read the sections below.

Turn Bonus Funds Into Real Money
The deposit bonus you receive from the FANTASYBALL promotion, is considered a bonus fund.

You can use your bonus fund to enter Monkey Knife Fight contests. These free bonus funds, give you an opportunity to win real money prizes. If you play a contest with bonus funds and win, the money will be converted to a cashable balance, that is eligible for withdrawal

Bonus funds have no cash value, making them non-cashable at the time of withrdrawal. Think of them as opportunity to play for free, with a chance to turn your free play into real money.

The expiration for bonus funds is a month from when you receive your bonus.

Monkey Knife Fight Deposit Bonus - BALLERS promo code

Receive a 100% Deposit Bonus


Use the FANTASYBALL promo code


Claim Up To $50


Monkey Knife Fight Review

Monkey Knife Fight Contest - Prop Games
Monkey Knife Fight Contest - Prop Games

Based in the USA


100% Legal to Play for Real Money in the US

Monkey Knife Fight Review

Monkey Knife Fight offers a fun challenge for sports fans with their games that offer latest sub genre in Daily Fantasy Sports, Player Props challenges. For daily Player Props games, your scoring is based on your players reaching statistical milestones for that game. We like to think of these games as statistical challenges tied to a players performance, like choosing the over/under on a player’s number of touchdowns, field goals, blocks, 3-pt, steals, on bases, strikeouts, home runs, goals, etc. for a game.

Whether you are a casual sports fan or an avid sports follower, you can get in on the Monkey Knife Fight fun. For as little as $2, you can enter and begin winning!

Everyone is familiar with Daily Fantasy Sports, where you select your roster of players based on a pool of games for a given day, or week, depending on the type of sport. Monkey Knife Fight simplifies the process by limiting the scope of the games and players. The selection of players is usually limited Star and known players, no need to look up their stats and find out who they are. Choosing amongst star players and not having to rely on a bench player makes the player prop more entertaining.

Instead of competing against others, you are simply rooting for your player to reach statistical goals for that game. If all of your players on your lineup reach their statistical goal, you win that challenge.

One of the best advantages we found from playing these “statistical challenges”, is that it is less stressful than the typical Daily Fantasy Sports games since you do not need to keep track of opponents and where your rank against your opponent or the pool of challengers. With Monkey Knife Fight’s style of games you can simply watch and enjoy the game and root for Mike Trout to get on base twice and Justin Verlander to get under 7 strikeouts.

Another advantage of these Monkey Knife Fight games, is that they add another layer of entertainment while watching game, in addition to rooting for your favorite team or player. So if you’re about to watch the game at home, go a bar with friends or even head out to the stadium, make sure to enter yourself into a MKF game and give yourself an opportunity to have extra fun and earn real money. Even if your team loses, you can still win real money if your players reach their statistical goals.

To learn about the different styles of games, read the selection below.

Click here to get started at Monkey Knife Fight


Deposit Bonus received with FANTASYBALL promo code!



Legal in the United States and Canada!


Sports You Can Play, Including Soccer and Golf!


Signing Up at Monkey Knife Fight

Signing up is very easy, just click here to visit the Monkey Knife Fight website.

At the top of the page, you’ll see a yellow “Sign Up” button. Click on this link to begin the sign-up process.

Enter User Information

Here you will see a sign-up form, where you will need to enter the following user information:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Password Confirmation
  • Email

You will also see the link to the Monkey Knife Fight “Terms & Conditions” page. Make sure to read the “Terms & Conditions” before continuing. Once you are done, click on the check box to show that you agree to the “Terms & Conditions” at MKF.

Click the “Continue” button to move to next step.


Monkey Knife Fight Sign-Up

Enter Personal Information

For the next step, you will need to enter your personal information to create your account.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Address
  • City
  • Country
  • State
  • Zip
  • Birthday

Press the “Submit” button to continue.

Eligibility Requirement:

To play at Monkey Knife Fight, you must be of 18 years of age and legally reside in one of the following US States:


Click here to learn more about the Monkey Knife Fight FANTASYBALL promo for new players!

Monkey Knife Fight Sign-Up

Making a Deposit Into Your Account

To deposit money into your account, log into your account and click on the “ADD FUNDS” menu item of the left sidebar menu.

Here you will have the option to deposit using your Visa or Mastercard Credit Card/Debit Card.

You will be asked to enter your Debit/Credit Card’s Card Number, Expiration Date and CVV Code. To speed up the process for future deposits, you can choose to save your information on file by clicking on the “Remember” checkbox.

Once you are done, press the “Continue” button.

Monkey Knife Fight Deposit

On the next form, you’ll need to enter the amount you wish to deposit. There is a minimum requirement of $10 per deposit transaction.

(There is a daily limit of $1,000, a weekly limit of $5,000 and a monthly limit of $10,000)

You can press press the black “$50” recommended deposit amount to claim a deposit bonus. You also have the option enter your desired amount.

If you want to claim the 100% deposit bonus we reviewed in this article, make sure to use the FANTASYBALL promo code at this time.

When you are read press the “Deposit” button to begin the transaction process.

Monkey Knife Fight Deposit and Enter Promo Code "BALLERS"

Monkey Knife Fight’s Interface & Usability

Monkey Knife Fight - Easy to Access Actions

The Monkey Knife Fight interface is straightforward compared to other daily fantasy sports sites.

Easy To Access Actions

All the actions (like “New Game”, “Add Funds”, “Withdraw Funds”, etc.) you will use while playing DFS games at Monkey Knife Fight are all accessible on the left sidebar menu. The menu item icons and wording are legible and easy to understand. No confusion on where to find your most common activities.

As a result of this, the accessibility of the sites features speed up the process of making transactions. Thus, giving you more time to spend playing.

Easily Find Your Balance Information

You can also easily see your Account Balance on this sidebar menu. Here you will see your “Balance”, “Entries”, “In Play” and your “Winnings”.


Mobile Friendly

You can access Monkey Knife Fight and enter player prop contests while using your mobile devices. The entire site is mobile friendly. The layout for mobile devices is easy to use. The main left sidebar menu can now be easily viewed or hidden by toggling the “menu” icon at the top left of the site. All other features of the site are easy to find and use.

So whether you play on mobile phone or desktop computer, you can enjoy the fun at Monkey Knife Fight.


Monkey Knife Fight - Select Your Sport and Game

Easy to Create a Team and Enter a Contest

Even when it comes to playing games, the process is really quick and can be as little as a few clicks to enter a contest. The roster size will depend on the type of Player Prop challenge you decide to enter. The fact that games are player props on only stars and known players, it makes choosing your selection a little faster. No need to look up stats about a player you never heard of.

Completing a line-up for a game like “Over/Under” can be simple as clicking “over” or “under” for a statistical category, for each player on your roster. In some cases, it can be as little as choosing 2 players.

Then select your “Buy-In” amount ($2/$5/$10/$20/$50/$100/$250/$500). When you select a “Buy-in” amount, you will also show you much your prize will be if your lineup is successful.

Once you are done, submit your lineup to Monkey Knife Fight.

Contest Types

As of right now, Monkey Knife Fight offers Player Prop games for the 6 main sports: football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, golf and esports. You can enter challenges for games in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, WNBA, LOL, Soccer and Golf.

There are different statistical categories for each sport, but the challenges are the same, with 3 types of contests.

Monkey Knife Fight provides the following types of contests

Monkey Knife Fight Contest - Over/Under

Pick a roster of players, from a pool of games, that you “predict” each player to be “over or under” an individual predetermined statistical goal. If everyone one your roster reaches their statistical milestone, you will win that challenge.

Monkey Knife Fight Contest - Stat Shootout

Stat Shootout:
Pick a roster of player(s), from a pool of games, that you “predict” the entire team to reach in a predetermined statistical goal. If your team surpases that goal, you win that challenge.

Monkey Knife Fight Contest - Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire:
Pick a roster of players, from a pool of games, that you “predict” to win head-to-head match a predetermined statistical goal against a player on the opposing team. If everyone one your roster wins their head-to-head matchup, you will win that challenge.

Monkey Knife Fight Contest - Rapid Fire

Higher Bonus Factor:
The more players props that make up your team, the higher your bonus factor. For example, a Rapid Fire with 2-player team you may have bonus factor of 2.35x. But if you were to play a 5-player team, your bonus factor could be 11x. If you feel inclined for the challenge, test your prop skill and pick larger size teams.

Whether you choose a game with a lower bonus factor or a larger bonus factor, Monkey Knife Fight player prop games give you a chance to win real money and have fun while watching a game.


Creating Your Monkey Knife Fight team


Select your Sport and Game to Begin Playing at Monkey Knife Fight

Now that you created an account at Monkey Knife Fight, we will show you easy it is enter a daily contest and create your team.

Once you log into your account, select “New Game” on the left sidebar Menu.

Select a Sport

To begin, choose a sport based on the leagues that have games available for that Day. For this example we will choose MLB (Major League Baseball), the baseball icon. You can find the Sports towards the top of the page.

Choose a Game

You will then have the option to view available games for that sport and for that day. The default will show you “All” games available, but also allow you to filter based on “Suggested” and “Featured” games.

From this list you will a select your game. By selecting a game, like the Los Angeles Angels vs Los Angeles Dodgers, you will determine your pool of players to choose from. It will not be all players, the pool will be chosen by MKF, depending on the contest type.


Monkey Knife Fight Contest Type

Select a Contest Type

Next you will choose a contest type, as well as the bonus factor. The bonus factor will determine the team size usually. For the lower bonus factor, your team’s size can be as small as two player. The higher the bonus factor gets, the more players you will need to pick to make up your team. For example, you can see team sizes of possibly 5.

As you can guess, it is easier to choose two players to meet their Player Prop, than even a team of 5. This explains the difference in bonus factors.

Choose Your Player Prop Team

Pick Your Team

Pick your roster from the available players. This will depend on the type of contest you chose and the bonus factor.

The size of roster increases as the bonus factor increases. If you are starting out, you can try lower bonus factor games as their roster sizes can be as little as 2 players.

For Over/Under games, you will choose whether that player will be over or under for a predetermined statistical category, like Touchdowns or Home Runs. Each player will on the team will have a different category.

For Stat Shootout, you will choose an entire roster to meet one predetermined statistical category. The accumulated score of all players must reach that statistical goal.

For Rapid Fire, you will choose players in a Head-to-Head matchup for multiple statistical categories. For each category, you will choose between two players that you expect to score higher better of the two. The underdog will be shown with green (+) points. Underdogs will receive these additional points added to their actual stats for that game.

Choose Your Player Prop Team

Select Your “Buy-In” Amount

Next, you will then select your “Buy-in” amount. Your options are $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 or $250. Once you select your buy-in, you will see your possible “Prize” amount if your team is successful in its challenge. There “Prize” is the your “Buy-in” amount times the “Bonus Factor”.

Once you selected your lineup and buy-in, “Submit” to enter your team into a contest.

Player Did Not Play
These are the rules to determine if a player played in contest, by various sports.


NFLPlayer is inactive
MLBPlayer not in the starting lineup
NBA/WNBAPlayer has zero minutes in the game
NHLPlayer has zero minutes in the game
GolfPlayer records no stats during a round
SoccerPlayer has zero time on pitch

Cancelled Contests

Sometimes it’s common for a player to be inactivated right before the game, the player did not play or a the actual game to be cancelled due to some unforeseen circumstances, like rain. As a result, a player from your team does not play. In these instances, when a player on your team does not play, Monkey Knife Fight will cancel the contest and refund you once all games are officially finished and your player is confirmed to have not played.

If you player is trade before a contest starts, your contest will be cancelled and you will receive a refund.

A cancelled game and a suspended game are treated differently. A suspended game, a game started on one calendar and finished on another day, will be considered a game played. If a player on your team competed in a suspended game, the will qualify for entering a game. So no cancellation of your contest.


How to Score Points


Here are the points for MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL for fantasy points. To view scoring for other games, make sure to check the Monkey Knife Fight FAQ to find all scoring tables.



Pass TD: 4
Pass YD: .04
Int: -1
Rush YD: .1
Rush TD: 6
Rec: 1
Rec YD: .1
Rec TD: 6
Return TD: 6
2 pt Conv: 2
Fum Lost -2


Point: 1
Assist: 1.5
Rebound: 1.2
Steal: 3
Block: 3
Turnover: -1


1B: 1
2B: 2
3B: 3
HR: 4
R: 1
RBI: 1
BB: 1
HBP: 1
SB: 1

ER: -3
OUT: 1
K: 1


Shots on goal (SOG): 0.5
Goal (G): 3
Assist (Ast): 2
Plus/Minus (+/-): 1
Penalty Minute (PM): 0.25
Power Play Point (PPP): 1
Shorthanded Point (SHP): 1

Wins (W): 3
Goals against (GA): -1
Save (S): 0.2
Shutout (SO): 3

Live Scoring & Scoring Legend

Monkey Knife Fight shows real time results of scores and current stats for your Daily Fantasy Sports contests.

To view Live Scores, go to your “My Dashboard” on the left sidebar menu. This will take you to your Dashboard screen. Here you will see 3 tabs: Live, Upcoming and Completed.

On the “Live” tab, you will see your contests currently going on. When you click on a contest currently goin on, you will see your roster and their current statistical progress. If your player is behind or met their statistical goal, you will see the results in the live update of the current page.

Monkey Knife Fight - Over/Under Live Scoring

Withdrawing Your Funds

To withdraw funds from your Monkey Knife Fight account, you can go to the “Withdraw Funds” section of the left sidebar menu.

Once you are on the screen, at the top you will see 3 balances: “Available for Withdraw”, “Reward Balance” and “Account Balance”

Available for Withdraw – is the amount that you can withdraw. A minimum of $20 is required to make a withdrawal request

Reward Balance – is the amount your receive from bonus funds, which are non-cashable

Account Balance – is the amount you can use to enter Monkey Knife Fight contests. This includes Reward Balances and real money deposits

If you have over $20 in your “Available for Withdraw” balance, you can make a withdrawal request. When you make a withdrawal request, your cashout is usually paid back to your original payment method. If your balance is greater than your initial deposit, the remaining funds will be sent through ACH or Intercheck. You can choose whichever option you prefer. This can take up to 3-5 business days.

If your net winning are $600 or over during a calendar year, Monkey Knife Fight requires a valid mailing address and social security number. So make sure to your contact information up to date.

Monkey Knife Fight Withdrawal

Customer Support

Monkey Knife Fight Customer Support

Monkey Knife Club customer service can be contacted by clicking on the “Help” button on the bottom right corner of the website. This will open up a form pop-up, where you will be required to enter your: Email and Message you want to ask customer service. Optionally, you can enter your Name and Username to help address issues with your account faster. Adding additional info will allow customer service will be able to look up your account.

You can also contact Monkey Knife Club customer service through email (support@ monkey knife fight .com, obviously remove the spaces for the full email address)

Personally we recommend using the website form to contact customer service, as they appear to be using Zend Services for their ticketing requests to handle customer service inquiries. If you are unfamiliar with Zend, they are a well known service, so you know Monkey Knife Club has an actual ticketing service for customer service requests.

We actually had an adjustment we needed to make with our account, and the response and fix was within 15 minutes from submitting the form. Depending on your inquiry and time of day, your requests could take longer.

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Monkey Knife Fight Player Props Review
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 by Casual Bettor
Simple, Fun, & Legal!

I like betting on player prop bets but am not comfortable doing so on scammy offshore sportsbooks. MKF offers a creative way to do this - it's like parlaying prop bets together! They may not pay as much as an offshore sportsbook, but if you do when, you can withdraw your winnings and actually get paid unlike those offshore scams!