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Free Fantasy Football Tools & Cheat Sheets

Use our free tools and fantasy football cheat sheets and gain a competitive advantage!

We love the skill, work, imagination, and luck required to be successful at profiting at this crazy game of fantasy football. We encourage players to hone their skills, expand their methods of research, and level up their thinking to find winning strategies.

Because of our passion for this industry, this game, and our fellow fantasy footballers, we offer all of our tools for free.

We try to imagine and create free tools for fantasy footballers to help them improve their game. This industry is still in its infancy, so there could be a competitive edge in honing your skills and strategies, and we believe our free tools can help you do that.

Peruse our list of free tools below and try them out for yourself.

Fantasy Football Player Ranking Cheat Sheets

Our free fantasy football interactive cheat sheets allow you to sort, rank, filter, and analyze players by their position and critical stats. Weekly player and defense scoring projections are also provided.

Click here to learn how to use our free fantasy football cheat sheets, understand the various columns and abbreviations, and find some suggestions on how you can use these cheat sheets to your benefit.

To jump to our free cheatsheets, you can visit:

  • QB Stats Rankings Cheat Sheet
  • RB Stats Rankings Cheat Sheet
  • WR Stats Rankings Cheat Sheet
  • TE Stats Rankings Cheat Sheet
  • Kicker Stats Cheat Sheet
  • DraftKings Player Scoring Projections
  • FanDuel Player Scoring Projections
  • Defense Scoring Projections
  • QB Cheat Sheet Screenshot

    Team Level Statistics, Rankings, & Profiles

    Find different tools below to rank the NFL teams by several factors to find favorable matchups.

    You can also drill-down on the team to find detailed information about the team, its record, season history, roster, and more.

  • Team Standings
  • Team Defense Fantasy Stats
  • Team Offense Basic Stats
  • Team Defense Basic Stats
  • QB Cheat Sheet Screenshot

    DFS Drafting Data

  • Fantasy Football Value Players
  • DraftKings Drafting Assistant
  • FanDuel Drafting Assistant
  • Injured Player Replacement Tool
  • The queries and data tools above focus on fantasy stats to help you find the best valued players and draft a better team.

    Have fun researching!

    Fantasy Football Value Player Data